I was told Marin county, not SF ,was getting a C&C. I may have to show up next time I am around there. It seems odd that San Francisco doesn't have one, lots of strange and wonderful cars there due to being one of three sales locations (NY,LA,SF) for some models and brands. But Marin is money so there you go. I saw a DS … » 4/13/14 11:20am Sunday 11:20am

So I may have bought an orange 71' 240Z

My son in law contacted me about getting a car for my next trip to San Francisco. He wants to work on it. It has triple Webers on the original engine, new suspension and the interior looks pretty good. The paint isn't great so that will have to be addressed and the only rust is the driver side dog leg which isn't too… » 4/12/14 4:05pm Saturday 4:05pm

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